I am your Danish copywriter and digital project manager

My name is Mette Bertelsen and I am a freelance Danish copywriter, content manager, journalist and digital business developer. I am based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

I am member of the Danish Association of Journalists (DJ)


Do you need a professional consultant with expertise in the Deaf Community?

For the Deaf Community I primarily create accessible, user friendly and visually beautiful websites in WordPress – with or without content. 

Visit my portfolio at d:gain.

As I am Deaf myself, I’m also fluent in International Sign and I would love to serve and work with national and international customers within the Deaf Community. 

I speak sign language, I know our Deaf culture very well and I will fully understand your unique needs. 

I can also – by video meetings – advise you about which digital strategy you should need to reach your goals. 

It’ would be a pleasure to help you with a strong digital voice.

Do you need a Danish copywriter to enter the market in Denmark?

If you are a international company looking for a professional Danish copywriter, content manager or journalist to enter the Danish market with your products –  then feel free to contact me. I can help you to make professional and trustworthy content.

I can do copywriting in Danish for your websites, blogs, product pages, letters, newsletters or social media. I also can give you qualified advice about the Danish market.

As I am working as a professional freelance journalist, you can also order me to make some news, articles or interviews in Danish with Danish customers.

Feel free to contact me to know further.